A VCC Hybrid

13 Dec A VCC Hybrid

I would like to highlight a recent article published by the NY Times: “Expa Labs Will Nurture Tech Start-Ups a Few at a Time.” The Expa Labs model of supporting a few projects at a time closely resembles our strategy at Opus Ventures as we pair VC funding with management consulting. Well known incubators, like Y-Combinator, have large classes of founders and individuals only receive limited guidance. Expa Labs differs in this approach as class sizes are less than ten projects and are assigned a lead mentor for a period of six months.  We at Opus Ventures share the notion that closer nit teams can be more productive.

Opus Ventures has its roots in management consulting helping distressed companies pivot and develop new innovative ways to commercialize. We have proven through our close ties with our existing clients that a collaborative approach is more effective. It enables us create better aligned teams that adapt to changes more quickly. Our consulting branch, Opus Consulting Group, is staffed with turnaround professionals, marketing executives and analysts that are at the disposal of Opus Venture’ members.

We look forward to following Expa Labs and watching them succeed in the years to come, further validating the VC-Consulting hybrid model at Opus Ventures.