The Hybrid Venture Model with Opus Ventures

01 Sep The Hybrid Venture Model with Opus Ventures

Venture capitalists, in traditional settings, are presented with a multitude of business plans and pitch
decks from which only the best are selected for further review as candidates for the venture capitalist’s
portfolio. The initial review must determine that the project at a minimum has a clear vision and a well-
developed business plan. The most common disqualifiers are the lack of a well-developed
commercialization plan and the lack of a qualified management team.

Opus Ventures possesses years of experience and talent in conceptualizing, planning and launching
successful businesses. Our hybrid venture model combines both strategic business consulting and
venture capital. The Opus Ventures consulting and Opus Consulting Group bridges the gap between
entrepreneurial spirit and taking products and services to market.
So often, startups never reach venture capital because they lack a management team, business
expertise, or the vision to commercialize a product or service. Entrepreneurs have great ideas but fall
short in practical matters such as navigating the competitive landscape, product placement and pricing.
Opus Ventures collaborates with Opus Consulting Group to give you the tools you need to commercialize your business. As a hybrid venture capital and consulting group, we are new to the industry. Working with us, you benefit from consulting know-how combined with the power of venture capital.
The strategy of your venture capital funded business is crucial. We help you articulate your vision,
clearly identify goals and guide you in your execution. We provide you with a holistic assessment of your
business plan and perform comprehensive due diligence. We facilitate equity investments while
minimizing risk.
A team made of diversely experienced experts committed to your entrepreneurial success, Opus
Ventures invests with you in defining moments of your business evolution.

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